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Top 5 Project Management Features for Remote Teams

Top 5 Project Management Features for Remote Teams

6 minutes

October 11, 2021

No matter how many time zones your teams cross, your project managers will love these features to help keep projects on track every day, all day.

Top 5 Project Management Features for Remote Teams

We built SmartSuite the company on SmartSuite the platform with purely remote teams, which allowed us to truly craft project management features from the ground up. No matter how many time zones your teams cross, your project managers will love these features to help keep projects on track every day, all day.

Member Directory

member directory with empoyee profiles

Organizations of every shape, size, and location enjoy a comprehensive employee directory built directly into SmartSuite. Team members connect and add to your culture through member profiles that mix work and life details. Project Managers love it!

With the ability to craft their work profiles, adding pictures, personal and professional interests, and more, team members have complete control over how they introduce themselves. Collaboration gets even better when you know your coworkers. Stop searching through old RFPs, bios, and resumes to find the right resource. Team members can add skills and experiences to their profile, making it easy to find the best resource for any task or project. Search the Member Directory for specific skills, experience, hobbies, and more. Quickly view team members online and available to collaborate in real-time. Green dots mean they're online. Red dots mean they're away. Best of all, stop Googling timezones — in SmartSuite, you can automatically see the local time for all your co-workers. 


Mark a conversation as resolved

Start a conversation in any record to collaborate on content directly where it lives. Share an idea, ask questions, clarify details, or convey the nuances of a status, risk, or blocking issue. Mention members or assign comments to pull them into a quick conversation to keep projects moving. Every @mention triggers notifications to the recipient's Notification Center in SmartSuite and via email. A unique and game changing feature allows users to add images, attachments, emojis, and more to any conversation. When words aren’t enough, bring in the big guns to weave your perfect story, no matter what your topic. 


SmartSuite offers a variety of native integrations

Stop using valuable project resources on routine actions. Create recipes to automate repetitive tasks based on triggers - like changing dates, sending notification emails, or updating statuses - and spend your time doing the really important work.  Create custom rules in seconds (see the whole saving time section above) with our builder. Trying to keep it simple? An automation could be as easy as triggering to send a single Slack message when a project is marked complete. 

Or you can build out a complex multi-step workflow recipe with multiple triggers and actions that ensures that a critical project is streamlined and efficient. Project Managers can stop constantly checking in on their teams for status updates. With Dynamic Notifications, instantly trigger email send when due dates arrive or receive real-time updates when critical project tasks are completed to ensure you’re always informed, not micromanaging.

Starred Items

Use starred items to navigate rapidly

Create shortcuts to your current work or favorite items and easily access them from one spot with just a click. Almost anything can be Starred in SmartSuite - Solutions, Reports, Dashboards, Records and Pages. Shift Starred items up and down to organize items however you want - maybe it’s by solution, work priority, or the most important items you're tracking. Pin items in place within your Starred Items to quickly access your (most favorite) favorites 😉 .

Real-Time Updates

Support for all the notification channels you use

Instantly see when anything and everything is updated. Who, what, when - it’s all available in real-time, down to the second. There’s no refresh button, you’re always working on the current vers.  Any info being updated is highlighted with a distinctive color. The name of the user making those updates is displayed as well, letting you know where your teammates are working and which fields they’re updating so that you can coordinate your next steps in real-time. 

Working in our SmartDocs? Collaborate the same way, with real-time edits visible to the entire team. Get instant feedback on your work and get work done. Every record shows which team members are following it. Collaboration has never been easier, with your team seeing changes being made in content that they’re interested in.

Notification Center is your portal for updates and changes that matter to you most. Let’s say a team member needs clarification on a task and mentions you. You’ll be instantly notified, allowing you to jump in to keep your workflow moving. No more searching or waiting for email and instant messages on different platforms - you know in real-time when something that you care about changes. Instantly view every update that was made since you last checked in on a work item. With Activity History, you can see what's happened by date, person, and even see current and prior values. Great for managers who want to check in on work without tagging the entire team for updates. 

Want to learn more about how SmartSuite is built for remote work? Check it out HERE

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