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Unlock the Power of Quizzes for Lead Generation with SmartSuite – No Coding Required

Unlock the Power of Quizzes for Lead Generation with SmartSuite – No Coding Required

6 minutes

June 21, 2023

Hello, innovators and efficiency seekers! In today's digital age, lead generation is the cornerstone of business growth, and quizzes have emerged as a popular and engaging tool to attract new prospects. They not only provide instant gratification to participants but also serve as effective lead magnets for businesses looking to expand their reach. How do you create such a potent tool without delving deep into the world of coding? Enter SmartSuite, a platform that's been a game-changer for business automation and organization.

Building a SmartSuite Quiz: A Step-by-Step Guide

Creating a Lead-Capturing Quiz

Creating a quiz on SmartSuite is intuitive and rewarding. Let's begin by understanding the key applications used in building this solution:

  1. Submissions and Answers: These two are the building blocks of your quiz. Each submissions record links to corresponding answers.
  2. Variables and Personalities: These additional applications are not mandatory but were critical in my process to visualize and frame the quiz.

For a little teaser, imagine your quiz assesses "Age" with a comparison of 'old' versus 'young'. By creating variables with weighted scores for each response, you can map outcomes that point to either spectrum. A young, passive individual might be dubbed 'Flower Child', while an aggressive older person could earn the title 'Old Man Strength'.

The Core Components: Submissions and Answers

Let's focus on what makes your quiz functional:

  • Variables app: Here, map out traits you want to assess—like 'Age' and 'Aggression'—along with their associated positive or negative indicators.
  • Personalities app: Link the variables to personality types. You'll craft a unique personality for every group by identifying if each person's answers fall on the plus or minus side of your spectrum.

Now, through the Answers application, draft your questions and assign scores to responses based on their age and aggression indicators. These will form the metrics for pinpointing a respondent's personality.

Automating the Magic

SmartSuite's filter capabilities allow you to show only answers relevant to each specific quiz question. This keeps your quiz neat and navigable as it grows. The automation comes next, doing the math automatically by summing scores from different answers and assigning a personality type based on the outcome.

Finish by crafting an engaging form view with your questions and fields to capture participant data. Remember, a user-friendly interface will encourage more submissions and consequently, generate more leads.

Sealing the Deal: The Magic of Automated Responses

After participants hit 'submit', the magic doesn't end there! With an automation in SmartSuite, send an email to your freshly minted lead with their quiz results. It's the perfect touch of personalization and could be their first step towards engaging with your brand.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Ready to take your no-code journey further? If you're thrilled about the prospect of saving up to 20 hours a week, enhancing business operations, and learning more about automations, head over to the full video where I, Gareth, take you through each step of creating your quiz in SmartSuite.

Check out the full video here:How to Create a Quiz using SmartSuite

Don't forget that SmartSuite is here to make organization and automation a breeze for your business ventures. Start designing engaging quizzes and automations today with a free trial of SmartSuite and witness first-hand how you can transform your operations and lead capture strategies without writing a single line of code.