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Unleashing the Power of SmartSuite for Your Side Hustle: A No-Code Success Formula

Unleashing the Power of SmartSuite for Your Side Hustle: A No-Code Success Formula

5 minute

March 23, 2023

In an era defined by uncertainty, the smart move is to prepare for the unexpected. For many, embracing the hustle is more than a buzzword; it's economic insurance. Whether you're rebounding from a job loss, guarding against one, or simply seeking income diversification, a side hustle can be your financial lifeline. However, time is precious, and efficiency is key. Thankfully, the rise of no-code tools like SmartSuite is revolutionizing how side hustles thrive.

The Side Hustle Setup in SmartSuite

Turning a side hustle from idea to income requires the right framework, and SmartSuite fits the bill perfectly. In roughly an hour, I pieced together a custom workflow tailored for side hustlers. While your experience may vary depending on your familiarity with SmartSuite and the unique needs of your venture, the process is straightforward.

Our SmartSuite setup, called "Side Hustle," consists of three interlinked applications:

  1. Contacts: A digital Rolodex where you can keep all necessary contact details like names, emails, and more.
  2. Pipeline: Our activity tracker connects with your contacts and records your outreach, negotiations, and deal progress with remarkable detail.
  3. Invoices: The billing hub links to pipeline deals, allowing effortless invoice creation, payment tracking, and status updates.

Harnessing Smartsuite's Internal Automations

Automations are where SmartSuite shines, doing the grunt work while you focus on building your hustle. Through intuitive drag-and-drop or point-and-click configurations, these automations spark actions within your setup without needing an ounce of coding knowledge.

Imagine the following scenario: A pipeline status shifts to "deal closed in progress," triggering an automatic invoice generation with predefined amounts. This feature doesn't just suggest efficiency; it embodies it.

Craft Impeccable Documents with the Document Designer

Still in Alpha, the Document Designer is evolving but does not falter in its ability to streamline your document generation process. Rather than toggling between different applications, create and tailor invoices directly within SmartSuite using the data stored in your applications.

With a couple of clicks, produce a polished PDF invoice, ready to be downloaded, saved, and linked to a record for future reference.

Mastering Email Communication within SmartSuite

Client communication is pivotal; SmartSuite's email feature allows you to send tailored emails directly from a record, ensuring no detail is missed. Attach the freshly minted PDF invoice and hit send. When the client responds, their message syncs into the same communication thread, maintaining a seamless, organized correspondence.

Conclusion and Call to Action

Efficiency isn't merely desired; it's demanded in the realm of side hustles. SmartSuite emerges as a potent ally in this journey, ensuring your valuable time is maximized. So dive into a smoother, smarter way of handling your side hustle.

We invite you to witness firsthand how SmartSuite can transform your workflow. Ready to start seamlessly managing your side gig? Begin your free trial of SmartSuite today!