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Is SmartSuite Worth it? 8 Hidden Features that Add TONS of Value

Is SmartSuite Worth it? 8 Hidden Features that Add TONS of Value

10 minutes

December 14, 2022

In a digital jungle teeming with work management solutions, SmartSuite emerges as a beacon, offering ease and simplicity without compromising on robust features. This platform may look all sunshine and rainbows with its cheerful stock art characters gracing its website, but don't be fooled; these radiant avatars signify the user-friendliness that SmartSuite promises – and delivers.

As someone who's transitioned from being a ClickUp power user to a SmartSuite enthusiast, I've uncovered some nifty surprises tucked away beneath SmartSuite's friendly façade. Join me as we pull back the digital curtains and reveal eight sneaky, slightly hidden, slightly subtle power features that could easily be missed at a casual glance. Before we plunge into the depths of SmartSuite's toolbox, if you're eager to follow along or give the platform a whirl, don't forget to use the affiliate link provided and show some love for the software that's made this video possible.

Taming Your Workflow: SmartSuite's "Sections" Feature

Let's kick things off with our very first feature highlight: Sections.

Within the user interface of SmartSuite, sections are the unsung heroes that bring a newfound fluidity to your records. The ability to collapse and expand detailed areas of your data not only speeds up your task load time but also adds an aesthetically pleasing order to your information. With a simple click on the three-dot action menu and a sprinkle of creativity in naming, behold the transformative power of a new section! Here's a pro tip: dial up the convenience by setting these sections to collapse by default. It's features like these, subtle yet significant, that make SmartSuite a delight to navigate.

Casting Your Vote for Collaboration: The Voting Field Type

Next up in our treasure trove is the Voting Field Type.

Imagine a feature that democratizes decision-making within your team, allowing a collective voice to resonate through your projects. SmartSuite's voting option is a rarity in the software realm, often solicited but seldom seen. Tailored for internal team use—for now—it's a standout tool fostering collaboration and consensus.

The Compass for Your Digital Odyssey: Solution Guide

At the helm of your SmartSuite account lies the Solution Guide, the third feature on our expedition.

Housing a SmartDoc for each solution like a captain's log, this guide is the perfect place to chronicle the "what," "why," and "how" of using your SmartSuite solutions. Business documentation aficionados, rejoice! This baked-in benefit is a gem for structuring and preserving your organization's knowledge marketplace.

Set it and Forget it: Field Defaults

Sailing forward, our fourth feature hidden in plain sight resides within the field settings themselves.

Dive into the field setting, hit the "Defaults" tab, and set sail. Here you can specify the default value for new records across the board. What's the magic, you ask? No extra automation or manual input every time—it's all about efficiency and consistency at record creation.

A Shortcut through the Data Entry Jungle: Predefined Lists

Right next door to our last feature, we discover yet another assistant to streamline your workflow—the power of Predefined Lists.

With a single click, expand your horizons beyond the dropdown list to discover pre-populated options such as continents or age ranges—a life-saver for the weary data entry warrior. No longer must you type out each month or continent; SmartSuite has done the legwork for you.

The Cornerstone of Collaboration: Profiles

Channeling our energies into the human aspect of work management, the Profiles feature steps into the spotlight - our fifth reveal.

Profiles are the digital embodiment of your collaborative ecosystem, capturing nuances from hobbies to skill sets. It's a place where your virtual persona can shine through, creating a rich tapestry of individual contributions readily accessible by team members within SmartSuite's communal infrastructure.''

The Pulse of Your Presence: Availability Status

Mingling closely with profiles, yet deserving of its own mention, is the Availability Status.

Whether you're jet-setting to exotic destinations (or, more likely, couch-surfing in your living room), wearing the 'Out of Office' badge or waving the 'In a Meeting' flag, this feature keeps your team informed and syncs with your real-world rhythm.

The Roadmap to the Future: Smartsuite's Public Feedback System

Harnessing the collective intelligence of its user base, SmartSuite takes a giant leap with our seventh feature—the open invitation to shape the future through its Public Roadmap and Feedback System.

Take a virtual stroll through SmartSuite's canny IO board to spot trends, submit your genius ideas, and experience the exhilaration of witnessing them turn into lived reality. Direct responses from the SmartSuite team, including the CEO, give a voice to the masses, fostering a vibrant cycle of innovation and growth.

The Oasis of Wisdom: SmartSuite Community Pro Tips

Finally, our eighth and final feature isn’t a tool per se, but an invaluable resource—the SmartSuite Community.

Here, outside the echo chambers of social media, lies a haven of expertise with Pro Tips designed to elevate your SmartSuite journey.

If these insights have sparked your curiosity or if you're simply in pursuit of a more streamlined work management experience, take the next step. Click the affiliate link below, explore SmartSuite, and discover a world where features and simplicity coexist in harmony. Thank you, SmartSuite, for igniting this exploration and remember to tune in to our channel—hit subscribe and like, so you never miss a beat.

Thanks for diving deep with us; now go forth and "enjoy the process" in SmartSuite's welcoming embrace!