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Introducing SmartSuite's Integration with Relay

Introducing SmartSuite's Integration with Relay

7 minutes

December 11, 2023

We are excited to announce the integration of SmartSuite with, a leading-edge workflow automation tool. This collaboration brings a new dimension to our platform, enhancing productivity and automation capabilities for our users.

What is is a state-of-the-art workflow automation tool, crafted to address the complexities teams face in managing multiple tools and processes. Born from the vision of product, design, and engineering experts, Relay goes beyond traditional automation. It offers one-click AI assistance, human-in-the-loop collaboration, and a multiplayer experience, setting a new standard in team automation.

Key Features of
  • Pricing — Relay is far more affordable than a lot of the options on the market. Check out pricing and a comparison versus Zapier here.
  • Human-in-the-Loop — Even though you’d want your workflows to be fully automated most of the time, sometimes you need a human in the loop. For example to give a quick go ahead after double checking an automation before it runs (e.g. a contract submission), or to make some final tweaks (e.g. a personalizing templated email message before it goes out to a new customer).
  • One-click AI assistance anywhere — Leverage the power AI with any of your automations. Use AI to suggest content in a templated message, extract a piece of information from an incoming email, summarize user feedback, or classify a customer support ticket to automate the next steps. And the best thing is there’s no need to write your own prompts or bring your own ChatGPT account, it’s all built-in.
  • Multiplayer from the ground up — A playbook in Relay is like a Google Doc: build them alone or together. The unique concept of Roles lets you create workflows where multiple people in a team have a responsibility (e.g. for customer communications)
What's possible with SmartSuite 

The integration between SmartSuite and unlocks a multitude of opportunities:

When something changes in SmartSuite automate actions in other apps:

Relay facilitates automations across a wide range of actions based on triggers in SmartSuite. Connect SmartSuite to all of your applications with ease. If you use SmartSuite as your CRM, you can automatically send a contract for e-signature. If you use SmartSuite as a project management tool, you can automatically update the marketing team when a feature is ready to launch.

When something happens in another app, add information to SmartSuite:

Relay will pull information from your other applications to add it to SmartSuite. This ensure everything important ends up in SmartSuite with automations from Relay. If a lead fills out a form on your website, you can add their information to your CRM in SmartSuite. If a new support ticket is filed in your support system, you can add a task in the relevant SmartSuite tracker.

When something happens in in another app, update the information in SmartSuite:

Similarly, Relay will track any important changes in other applications and will update the instance in SmartSuite. If you have a good meeting with a client, you can automatically update their record in your SmartSuite CRM. If a prospect signs a contract, update the stage in your SmartSuite record for them.

We're excited about this partnership and the endless opportunities it brings to businesses like yours. Stay tuned for more updates, tutorials, and success stories on how you can leverage Noloco and SmartSuite to elevate your business to new heights.

To get started, sign up for a Relay account here