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SmartSuite Review - Is it the right no code tool for you?

SmartSuite Review - Is it the right no code tool for you?

10 minutes

July 26, 2023

So, let's tackle the big question—what is SmartSuite and is it the right fit for your business or organization? We've seen how different clients have adapted SmartSuite to their workflows, so let me share some insights.

Let's talk positioning. In the no-code world, it's a whole spectrum. On one side, you've got apps like Asana or, super focused on project management. They've got their sights set on a specific usage. On the other side of the spectrum, we find the more customizable, build-it-yourself options like Airtable, Weweb, or Bubble. These give you the freedom to craft a variety of interfaces, mobile apps, you name it. But then there's SmartSuite, straddling both those worlds—mixing project management tools with powerful customization, catering to a slew of use cases.

Pricing Perks

Jumping onto the pricing page of SmartSuite, you'll notice a bunch of plans. What's cool is the transparent approach—no need to play cloak and dagger with sales to find out what it'll cost you. The standout is the free plan, seriously generous, ideal for solo flyers or smaller teams. As you add more users, you'll migrate to paid plans, but what's nice is the feature set—it's mostly the same across the board, largely differentiated by the volume of data records and file storage you'll need.

Templates & Customization

SmartSuite's templates are a treasure chest of well-thought-out starting points—pick one that aligns with your business line. Once you're in, say, using the CRM template, it's all about tweaking it to match your needs. Add just the fields you want, and link everything up—it's a database at its core, all focused on keeping your data interconnected and making sense.

Speaking of views, prepare to be dazzled by the variety—grid views like spreadsheets, card views for a visual touch, even geographic map views, and so much more. With this variety, SmartSuite lets you gaze at your data through different lenses, keeping the information consistent across views.

Field Types & Project Management

With over 40 field types, SmartSuite throws in some nifty project essentials, like checklists or time tracking logs. These are the little extras that push it toward the project management side of the spectrum.

Consolidated Tasks

Perhaps one of the slickest features is the 'My Work' area. Here, SmartSuite pulls tasks from all solutions into one centralized hub for you. Gone are the days of hopping between databases—you've got everything you need right there.

Collaboration & Permissions Hacks

SmartSuite doesn't skimp on collaborative features or security. Got a guest or a contractor who needs limited access? Set them up for free. And when it comes to locking down who sees what, you'll find a robust permissions system, down to the tiniest of data points.

Automation & Integrations

Automate within SmartSuite or connect to the world—Slack, Microsoft Teams, you name it. And if you're feeling particularly tech-savvy, there's a sea of developer documentation and integration options via platforms like Zapier and Make.

Support & Community

SmartSuite takes its support game seriously. Whether it's via chat or raising a ticket, your questions won't go unheard. Plus, there's a roadmap and feature requests that you can directly influence.

SmartSuite: The Swiss Army Knife of No-Code

It boils down to this—is SmartSuite the no-code knight in shining armor for your business? If you're craving a tool that adapts as your business evolves, SmartSuite might just be the ticket. Big companies, small startups, it sings for both. But remember, if you're laser-focused on pure project management, or you need absolute control over every element, SmartSuite might not be your jam.

And that's a wrap on our SmartSuite review! Whether this platform becomes the backbone of your operations or just a fleeting consideration, here's to working smarter, not harder.

To experience SmartSuite's key benefits for yourself, start a free trial today and explore its intuitive work management platform.