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Unlocking the Power of SmartSuite Views: A Guide with Expert Tips

Unlocking the Power of SmartSuite Views: A Guide with Expert Tips

10 minutes

October 27, 2023

Are you sailing through your SmartSuite account and spotted that intriguing view area at the top corner? If tweaking those view types has sent your head spinning, or you've hardly dared to venture beyond the default settings, you're right on cue! We're spilling the beans on SmartSuite views—laying down the what, when, and why of it all, peppered with three snazzy pro tips to elevate your game.

The SmartSuite View Types Lowdown

SmartSuite doesn't just offer you a sophisticated way to organize your data—it rolls out a red carpet full of options to display it. But let's face it, knowing they're there and using them effectively is a horse of a different color. That's what we're addressing today. Tackling the view types area can be daunting, but fret not! We're diving into SmartSuite's suite of views and sprinkling in those nifty pro tips along the way.

The Lay of the Land: Public and Private Views

Before you go wild creating an app for every team member, let's huddle down. Inside SmartSuite, you'll spy a menu that divvies up views into public and private. Your teammates can all peep public views, but your private views are your secret garden. Kick things off by hitting the plus sign in either section and brace yourself for a smorgasbord of options.

Categories of SmartSuite Views to Know

When it comes to view types, they may all seem distinct at a glance, but simplify your life by classifying them into four digestible categories:

  1. Record Views – Think of this first bunch, from grid to map views, as a fancy dress for your data. It's the same underneath, whether in a grid view, a Kanban view, or even mapped out (provided you've dealt with addresses).
  2. Reporting Views – These are your numbers nerds; charts and dashboards transform raw data into digestible, visual reports. Whether a crisp chart view or an all-in-one dashboard, here's where insights morph into art.
  3. Input-Only Form Views – A lone wolf of sorts, forms are your gateway to data entry. However, that's largely where its job ends - no peeking at records; just welcoming new info with open arms.
  4. Organizational Views – Folders, the unsung heroes. They're all about tidying up, letting you bundle views into clean little packages. Just for your sanity, though—they're not gatekeepers.

Customizing Views to Your Team's Tunes

Say your team needs different perspectives in the same SmartSuite account. Fear not - deploy views! Whether it's sales yearning for pipeline snapshots or marketing craving campaign breakdowns, views have you covered.

Pro Tip #1: Name Your Views Wisely

When crafting views, clarity is king:

"A view named ‘All Urgent and Important Tasks’ speaks volumes. Dodge the vague trap and tell it like it is."

View Tweaks: Beyond Aesthetics to Functionality

Creating a department-specific view is just the start. Go ahead and garnish it with filters and sorts that resonate with your team's vibe. Fancy a Kanban view for sales? Go for it. Need to flag the soon-to-be-missed deadlines for operations? Add some spotlight color-coding.

Pro Tip #2: Use Color with Purpose

When it comes to color, less is more—use it to direct focus, not to throw a paint party on your data.

Pro Tip #3: Share Wisely

Been hit by a stroke of genius and created a marvelous new view? Scream it from the public views section. If it's a quirky, makes-sense-to-you setup, tuck it snugly in the private views instead. Descriptions can guide your team gently to each view's essence:

[Marketing View] - This view zooms in on ongoing campaigns and associated metrics.

Wrapping It Up Like a Pro

Views in SmartSuite are your companions, not hurdles. They enable each member of your squad to see info just the way their brains like it. Once you've tailored your department views, you'll relish less clutter and a shared digital space that screams collaboration. And remember, this whole extravaganza is to make smart work manageable. So, revel in the process!

Embrace the SmartSuite views, dial in your organization, and—as always—enjoy the process. 🎉

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