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SmartSuite vs Airtable: Finding Your Perfect No-Code Match

SmartSuite vs Airtable: Finding Your Perfect No-Code Match

December 14, 2022

In the world of no-code tools, the ability to organize and automate workflows without extensive programming knowledge is no longer a novelty—it's essential. But with various platforms to choose from, how do you decide which one is the perfect match for your business needs? Today, we take a closer look at two notable contenders: SmartSuite and Airtable. If you're curious about their differences and want to save up to 20 hours a week through efficient no-code solutions, you've come to the right place.

Gareth, from Gap Consulting, has made it his mission to help you navigate the seas of no-code tools, and he shared a comprehensive comparison between SmartSuite and Airtable on his channel. Here, we distill his insights into a detailed exploration of what these platforms offer.

A Candid Comparison: SmartSuite and Airtable

Decoding the DNA of Two Powerhouses

Airtable, the incumbent, has served users faithfully for a decade, whereas SmartSuite, the energetic newcomer, made its debut in 2021 and was stealthily developed over three years. Despite many similarities, they boast distinct features that cater to varied user needs.

Linking Logistics

One of the fundamental differences lies in how they handle data linking within their platforms:

  • Airtable employs a system of linked tables exclusively within the same base or database, augmented by synced tables that create a shareable window into other bases.
  • SmartSuite, on the other hand, is more liberal, granting the ability to link to apps outside the current solution without any syncing.

Permissive Particulars

Another domain where these two diverge is in permission controls:

  • Airtable offers interfaces that can share a limited view of data, but permissions aren't fine-tuned beyond the database level.
  • SmartSuite expands granularity, allowing permissions to be customized by user, team, or specific applications within a solution. Their 'assignee' role is particularly noteworthy—a feature that permits users to view and edit only data assigned to them.

Automation Acumen

Both platforms flaunt robust internal automation capabilities and open APIs that integrate with third-party tools like Zapier. However, they each have unique triggers and actions that may make one more appealing than the other, depending on your preferred integrations. SmartSuite's Zapier automations are notable for their instant trigger response as opposed to Airtable's Rest API's slightly delayed reaction.

Interface Intuition

Airtable's interfaces and SmartSuite's dashboards both offer compelling ways to visualize data:

  • Airtable has a diverse array of customizable interfaces, now with improved accessibility settings.
  • SmartSuite's dashboards provide even more refined charting options, including target lines and color coding, bundling a high degree of visualization and control.

Collaborating with the Community

Here's where SmartSuite takes a distinct trajectory. While Airtable has established user communities, SmartSuite has gleaned attention by adopting a 'partners first' ethos, investing extensively in its affiliate program and consultant certification process, which enhances the availability of multidisciplinary support for end-users.

Discussing the Dollars: Pricing

Both platforms flaunt transparency until you navigate Airtable's enterprise plan, which tends to variate based on negotiations. SmartSuite’s enterprise plan is openly priced and may arrive as more accessible for mid-sized businesses.

Making the Choice

After analyzing various aspects such as linking records, permissions granularity, automation, and interfaces, it's clear that the choice between SmartSuite and Airtable heavily rests on individual business needs and preferences. Whether you’re charmed by the flexibility of SmartSuite or the tried-and-true reliability of Airtable, no one size fits all.

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