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Mastering Your SmartSuite—Securing Reports and Dashboards

Mastering Your SmartSuite—Securing Reports and Dashboards

7 minutes

April 7, 2023

Welcome back to another installment of Smart Tips! Today's focus is on dashboard security—specifically, how to keep your meticulously constructed SmartSuite reports and dashboards from falling prey to unwelcome alterations.

Why Lock Your View?

Imagine you've spent hours—or even days—perfecting a grid view that displays the exact data slices your team needs. It's all there: the filters, field types, groups, and more, arranged just the way you want it. But what if another user, with all the best intentions, makes changes that throw off your setup? To prevent such a scenario, locking your view is the way to go.

The Locking Mechanism Explained

Accessing this lock-and-key feature is straightforward. Dive into your SmartSuite and select the particular view you want to safeguard. Look for the view menu; it's easy to spot. Within this menu, you'll see three dots that bring up more options. Click those, and voila! You'll be presented with a tidbit of crucial info: is your view public or private?

Now, our eyes are on the prize—the locking icon. Once you lock a public view, an unmistakable symbol will appear, a small padlock, signaling that your view has been successfully secured.

What Happens When a View is Locked?

Once you've put the lock in place, it's like putting your report or dashboard in a safe. That lock icon you've spotted? It's your peace of mind, your sign that says "No more changes allowed"—at least not by anyone but you. Rest assured, your setup is now immune to the edits, tweaks, and turns others might be tempted to make.

Flexibility at Your Fingertips

But let's not forget the importance of flexibility. Maybe down the line, you decide it's time for an update or someone on your team has a bright idea to enhance that view. No need to worry—you aren't casting your view into an unchangeable void.

Unlocking is as simple as the initial lock. Navigate back to that view menu, click the three dots again, and toggle the locking feature off. Like a breeze, your view is open for collaboration again.

The Power of SmartSuite Views

SmartSuite's magic lies in its versatility in view creation. You're the artist, and SmartSuite is your canvas, enabling endless possibilities for visualizing data across various apps. And when it comes to maintaining the integrity of your creations, the locking feature is your trusty guard.

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There you have it—an effortless guide to locking your SmartSuite reports and dashboards. By following these simple steps, you can maintain control over your views, ensuring that the data displayed is precisely as you intend it to be. Remember, SmartSuite is about making your work life easier, and locking views is just one of the many tools at your disposal. Embrace it, and you're on your way to becoming a SmartSuite savant!