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Seamlessly Unite Your SmartSuite Solutions with Noloco: A Step-by-Step Guide 🚀

Seamlessly Unite Your SmartSuite Solutions with Noloco: A Step-by-Step Guide 🚀

9 minutes

October 3, 2023

Last week's deep dive into Noloco, the intuitive no-code platform for both front-end and back-end applications, left many of us eager to learn more. Today, we're thrilled to walk you through integrating Noloco with your SmartSuite solutions - an update the Noloco team just rolled out and we can't wait to get our hands-on.

Using a Solution Template in SmartSuite

Starting in SmartSuite, it's straightforward to kick things off with a template. I've opted for a simple single-project template, which is perfect for beginners and easy to duplicate, ensuring you have your sandbox to play in.

Why Choose a Staffing Template?

The staffing template is a real gem due to its encompassing setup, which aligns perfectly with the user requirements in Noloco. It houses contact details that are essential for user management in any application. And remember, the world of templates is vast - you're free to create and customize to your heart's content.

Customizing a Staffing Template

Here's a quick rundown of tweaks I made:

  • Broke down a singular 'name' field into 'first name' and 'last name' fields for clarity and data structuring.
  • Ensured each contact had an email address listed - a small but crucial detail for user integration.

Project Tasks and Linking to Staff Records

For task assignments, a minor switch from the pre-set 'owner' field to a custom 'resource' field connected to our staffing app hit the mark. This setup allows for additional data points and maintains a link between tasks and staff records within Noloco.

Building the Connection

Navigating to Noloco, it's time to harness SmartSuite's power.

  1. Select SmartSuite as your data source whilst crafting a new application.
  2. With a friendly name and subdomain in place, you'll see your app take shape.
  3. Authentification with SmartSuite is your next step.
  4. Pick and choose the desired workspace and solutions that you wish to integrate.

The true beauty lies in the multi-data source feature. Imagine - multiple SmartSuite solutions united in one Noloco app!

Witness the Magic

Now brace yourself. As you give life to your app, it undergoes an optimization spell, crafting a not-from-scratch user experience with added navigation and themed icons. A kanban here, a project overview there, and a list of records for staffing showcase the thoughtful setup you're walking into.

"Creating an app has never been so intuitive, with ready-to-use forms and a layout that's eager to be tailored." - that's a standout I couldn't help but share.

A Dive into Data and Syncing in Noloco

It's pivotal to grasp the data aspect within Noloco. Unlike typical front-end tools that fetch data in real-time from SmartSuite, Noloco brings this data into its database ensuring top-notch performance and real-time refreshing of data.

Feeling out of sync? Fret not, as manual triggering is at your disposal, verifying and updating recent changes effortlessly.

The Users Table Conundrum

Ah, Noloco's own users construct may perplex newcomers, as it stands distinct from the SmartSuite staffing table. But let's demystify it together:

  • Navigate to 'users' in the sidebar
  • Sync with your original users' data source
  • Designate their roles within the app for controlled access and functionality

Personalizing the Experience

When editing your application, it's the subtle touches that refine user experience. For instance:

  • Filters ensure users view content pertinent to them.
  • Visibility settings grant access to specific pages based on roles or attributes.
  • Creating new pages or adding page components, like videos or buttons, offers customization freedom.

Exploring Additional Functionality

There's a universe of advanced functionalities to conquer. If you are yearning for custom automation or OpenAI integrations, look no further - Noloco can amplify your SmartSuite automations with ease. Webhooks? Yes, they're on the menu, too.

Perfecting Application Settings

Your app's aesthetic and operational backdrop must mirror your brand's vibe. Here's a checklist:

  • Splash in your logo and set a mood with customized colors.
  • Introduce your own domain to heighten that brand-centric feel.
  • Choose from a suite of authentication methods tailored to your audience's preferences.

Ready for a game-changer? Noloco’s versioning system is a safety net, preserving your peace of mind with its rollback options.

The Synchronous Harmony of Data

As you delve into using your app, changes sync harmoniously between Noloco and SmartSuite. An updated task status in Noloco magically reflects in your SmartSuite data. It's a collaboration crafted for effortless workflow management.

As our digital world evolves, so does our capability to craft functional and user-friendly applications without a single line of code. Here’s to making your project management effortlessly efficient with the Noloco-SmartSuite duo!

To experience SmartSuite's key benefits for yourself, start a free trial today and explore its intuitive work management platform.