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What's New at SmartSuite for 2023?

What's New at SmartSuite for 2023?

5 Minutes

January 23, 2023

Are you ready to jumpstart the new year with cutting-edge organizational tools that require zero coding? Welcome to our exploration of SmartSuite's newest features for 2023.

In this informative video from Gap Consulting, we dive deep into the updates that are setting SmartSuite at the zenith of the no-code revolution.

SmartSuite soared to incredible heights in 2022, bursting onto the no-code scene and astonishing us all with an impressive rollout of novel functionalities. As we pivot to 2023, they've already hit the ground running, launching fresh features tailored to elevate your productivity.

Effortless Integration with the Button Feature

SmartSuite's innovative Button feature is leading the charge in January. Imagine having a customizable button in your apps that can perform dynamic actions using SmartSuite's capabilities. Buttons open a world of complex, automation-driven possibilities.

Unprecedented Control with Field-Level Permissions

A key revelation is SmartSuite's field-level permissions. This transformative feature permits granular access control right down to individual fields within an app, allowing for high-caliber customization of visibility and editability and enhancing data security like never before.

Expanded Array of Automation Actions

SmartSuite’s expanded array of automation actions is a testament to its commitment to seamless workflow integration. Link effortlessly with third-party giants, from Intercom to Google Calendar, and innovate how you manage automation across your toolkit.

Make Integration

If SmartSuite's native automations leave you wanting more, the recently unveiled integration with Make bridges those gaps for a truly tailored automation experience.

Advanced Time Tracking

SmartSuite now presents an advanced time-tracking feature, ideal for those meticulous about managing projects. Meticulous time logs paired with a handy timer ensure every second counts and billing stays accurate.

Streamlined Data Transfer

Have you ever longed for a smoother way to manage and migrate your data? SmartSuite's enhanced ability to easily transfer data between apps is a game-changer for workflow efficiency.

Compact Grid View Widgets

Dashboards in SmartSuite now allow embedding compact grid views from any solution, complete with customization options to display key data insights.

Share Solutions Externally

SmartSuite now allows you to share your customized solutions outside your workspace as read-only models. This breakthrough means your finely-tuned workflows can become accessible to users across workspaces—a groundbreaking step for collaboration.

PDF Design Coming Soon

The upcoming PDF Design feature will revolutionize rendering SmartSuite data into sleek PDFs like invoices and contracts with ease.

Curious about all these new features and hungry for more detail? Check out Gareth's full video, and don't let the opportunity slip you to experiment firsthand with SmartSuite’s innovation.

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