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Auto Number Invoices and Cases in SmartSuite: A Simplified Guide

Auto Number Invoices and Cases in SmartSuite: A Simplified Guide

10 minutes

March 6, 2023

In this post, we're diving into the world of SmartSuite and expanding on the use of auto number records in your system. Have you ever thought to yourself why, in this day and age of advanced search capabilities, would one need to auto number records? Well, you're not alone, and today's focus is on understanding the nuances, best practices, and tips for doing just that.

Understanding Auto Numbering and Its Importance

Back in the day, searching through software records meant you needed a unique identifier – a simple contact name or email address wouldn't do the trick. Fast forward to today, and software like SmartSuite has revolutionized searching capabilities. From a power search feature that enables you to search across multiple solutions to finding records based on various attributes, SmartSuite has made searchability a piece of cake.

But let's not dismiss the auto number feature just yet. Despite the advanced search features, certain records still benefit from auto numbering – think invoices, IT service desk tickets, or customer support queries. Why? Imagine handling multiple customer issues or generating a flurry of invoices. In cases like these, a unique identifier can save you from a sea of confusion. It serves as a clear-cut reference point, avoiding mix-ups and boosting efficiency.

For instance, a customer may open several cases on the same day – and here's where having a unique identifier becomes essential. Without it, verifying and referencing specific cases with the customer would be a challenging puzzle.

Auto Number Fields in SmartSuite: A Closer Look

If we take a peek into Smartsuite's support tickets solution template, we notice fields like 'Ticket ID' that are already configured to auto number the records. The beauty of this feature? It's not limited to any particular app type. Whether you're managing companies, invoices, or service tickets, auto numbering can be tailored to your needs.

And here's a nifty detail: if you delete a record, there's no domino effect. The numbering sequence continues without backfilling, which, trust me, is a best practice you want to preserve. This way, you avoid the risk of duplicate identifiers that could lead to potential chaos.

Customizing Your Auto Number Sequence

This is where you can let your creativity flow. SmartSuite allows you to define the starting number, add leading zeros, and even play with prefixes and suffixes to create a format that suits your brand.

Suppose your brand is Automation Helpers (AH) – you might want to customize the auto number prefix to 'AH'. Additionally, you have the flexibility to incorporate dates using the same templating language. For example:


Keep in mind the character limits though – 20 characters each for the prefix and suffix. This is to ensure the numbers aren't too unwieldy.

Now, let's say you had 'TICK' as your initial prefix but decided 'AH' reflects your brand better. Converting to your new preference is seamless, and the integrity of the numbering system remains intact.

Where Does the Auto Number Appear?

Once an auto number is generated, you'll find it cosily nested at the top of the record header with a handy hyperlink for ease of access.

The coolest part? It doesn't matter how a record enters the system – be it through a form entry, manual input, CSV import, or even by using automation tools like Make or Zapier – each record is stamped with a unique ID.

Final Takeaway

Auto numbering might seem like a small cog in the machinery of your solution, but it's a cog that can make a significant difference in your daily operations. It's about the simplicity of tracking and the security of clear identifiers. And with SmartSuite, creating a streamlined auto number system is a walk in the park.

Have questions or insights of your own? Drop a comment below. And remember, at, we're offering a free 30-minute consultation to help with setting up your SmartSuite to perfection.

Happy automating!

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