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Automating Lead Management and Measuring Campaign Success

Automating Lead Management and Measuring Campaign Success

5 mins

January 10, 2023

Are you looking for a way to streamline your lead management process and measure the success of your marketing campaigns? SmartSuite has a range of features to help you automate processes and get a better understanding of your leads. In this SmartSuite Showcase, we’ll explore how SmartSuite can help you automate your marketing leads and measure the success of your campaigns.

This Video's Chapters:

0:00- Intro to Showcase
- Where to Find Showcase Templates
Marketing Leads App
- Overview Using Default Values
- Pipeline Report Email Automation
- Share View Link for Pipeline Overview
- Slack Message for Hot Leads Automation
4:13- Linking Leads to Campaigns / Content
Marketing Campaign Measurement

Video Details


  • Managing marketing leads and connecting them to campaigns and content
  • Focus on automating parts of lead management

Where to Find Showcase Templates

  • Go to the Smart Suite templates on the homepage
  • Marketing showcase template available for download

Marketing Leads App Overview

  • Overview of the solution and its components
  • Pipeline by stage view
  • Ways to bring in leads (through forms, importing, integration)
  • General information, sales details, checklist, and contacts

Using Default Values

  • Explanation of default values for next actions checklist
  • Example of default values for steps in lead management
  • Benefits of using default values to save time

Pipeline Report Email Automation

  • Sending a weekly report on lead status to the team
  • Creation of automation for sending the report
  • Description of the email content and share view link

Slack Message for Hot Leads Automation

  • Automation for sending a message to the Fulfillment team
  • Conditions for identifying hot marketing leads
  • Slack message content and link to the lead record

Other Lead Management Automations

  • Mention of other possible automations (e.g., initial email to new leads)
  • Using the check-in field to trigger templated emails

Linking Leads to Campaigns/Content

  • Importance of linking accounts to campaigns and consumed content
  • View for tracking content's influence on lead generation
  • Overview of related deals and revenue from linked leads

Marketing Campaign Measurement

  • Measuring the influence of campaigns on the pipeline
  • Comparing campaign budget/cost with generated revenue
  • Determining campaign ROI

Why SmartSuite for Marketing Teams?

  • Benefits of using Smart Suite for marketing lead management
  • Automation and time-saving features
  • Linking leads to campaigns/content for better analysis

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