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Mastering SmartSuite: A User-Friendly Guide to Bookmarking Views and Dashboards

Mastering SmartSuite: A User-Friendly Guide to Bookmarking Views and Dashboards

April 14, 2023

Welcome back to our Smart Tips series! In today's installment, we're going to dive into a nifty feature that will boost your SmartSuite dashboard game: bookmarking. This quick trick will save you time and clicks—and who doesn't love that?

An Introduction to Your Starred Life

Let's start with the basics. In the upper right corner of your SmartSuite account, you'll notice a nifty little feature called the starred items menu. This is your fast track to efficiency.

By using this, you can quickly access any previously starred view without slogging through menus or navigating complex paths. Think of it as your personal collection of shortcuts.

From Contact Lists to Reports: Bookmark With Ease

Ever find yourself frequently visiting the CRM view to check out contact lists? Let me show you how to get there faster than ever.

When you open the CRM view, or any other place on SmartSuite you frequent, simply look for the star icon. A quick click, and voilà—it's saved to your list of starred items. The next time you need it, it’s waiting for you, just a click away.

And what about changing views? Say you're hopping over to the gallery view—the process remains equally seamless. Spot the star, give it a click, and it's bookmarked—all without breaking your workflow.

Manage Your Risks and Assessments with a Star

Say you're in your risk management zone. You're assessing issues, toggling through findings left and right—it can get overwhelming. But here's a tip: bookmark the views you use the most.

Maybe it’s your "Risk Assessment Issues" or "All Risk Assessment Findings." Hit that star icon next to these views, and like magic, they ascend to your starred heavens.

Once bookmarked, these critical views join the ranks of your top-accessed items. Next time you're itching to revisit those findings, you won't have to dig through layers of data. Just hit your starred items and you're good to go.

## Staying Organized with Pinning and Unstarring

It's great to have all these bookmarks, but let's talk organization. First off, if there's a star in the sky that's not shining for you anymore, it's easy to remove. Unstar it with a simple click, and it vanishes from your VIP list. And if you've got a superstar view, pin it. This will anchor it to the top of your list, ensuring it's always within swift reach.

Bringing It All Together

Bookmarking reports and views in SmartSuite isn't just a handy trick—it's a strategy for staying organized and efficient. By customizing your starred items menu, you're creating a dashboard that works for you—tailored, efficient, and a couple of clicks away from everything you need.

Want to continue smartening up your workday? Drop us a comment with the topics you want us to tackle next. And don't forget to subscribe for more Smart Tips—we've got endless tips and tricks to make SmartSuite your sharpest tool.

Stay savvy and keep those views in check with a quick star and pin. Happy bookmarking!

Remember, we love to hear from our Smartsuite community. Let us know how bookmarking has streamlined your workflow or if you have any questions on further customizing your dashboard. And, as always, we're just a star-click away from helping you work smarter, not harder.

Until next time, star gazers, keep your dashboards dazzling and your productivity peaking!