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How to Master Document Management in SmartSuite: A Notetaking Guide for All Levels

How to Master Document Management in SmartSuite: A Notetaking Guide for All Levels

10 minutes

March 1, 2024

You've likely come across Smartsuite, our generous sponsor for this discussion. Smartsuite shines when it comes to streamlining your work life by organizing data and tasks. But there's a question that's been on many of your minds—can Smartsuite keep up with the document chaos we face every day? From notes to meeting agendas and those unending ideas we jot down, it's essential for a work management tool to handle it all. Good news: With Smartsuite, you're well-equipped for this challenge.

In this blog post, we're exploring three varied strategies to bring order to your document anarchy using Smartsuite, tailored for different levels of use—from casual to serious document wranglers. So, buckle up; we're diving headfirst into a journey that'll reshape the way you handle your workflow documents in Smartsuite.

Before we roll up our sleeves, a heads-up—if you don't have a Smartsuite account, snag one using the affiliate link in the description below. Now, with access credentials in hand, let's crack on!

The Casual Approach: Comments for the Win

The easiest path for beginners requires zero tweaks to your Smartsuite interface. Navigating to any task or project where you're working, you'll notice a chatty little messaging icon waiting for your click. Behold the golden gateway to Smartsuite's Communication Center.

Here's where the magic happens. Utilizing the robust commenting tool, begin typing your thoughts, ideas, and notes. With these comments visible to team members who have access, you're not only creating a log of shared knowledge but fostering a culture of collaboration.

"Put your notes where the work is actually happening."

If you prefer the express lane, make the open comments visible from your overview grid. A single click brings the conversation right to your fingertips. Remember, simplicity often breeds productivity.

The Intermediate Route: Meeting Templates

Feeling ambitious? It's time to introduce Smartsuite's solution templates to your workflow. Let's scout the template library for a team meeting structure that resonates with your needs. These templates are packed with ready-to-go features like dynamic agenda tracking and participant roles, saving you the trouble of starting from scratch.

Once the template is activated, customize it to your heart's content. Prioritize and fill sections crucial to your operations: general info, discussion topics, and my absolute favorite—the notes, actions, and outcomes section, affectionately dubbed the 'smart document'.

This particular marvel is Smartsuite's version of a text field on steroids, with rich text editing capabilities, and slots in rather neatly into your meeting setup.

The Power User's Playground: A Dedicated Notetaking Database

Dare to go full throttle with personal knowledge management? For the ardent notetakers out there, crafting a stand-alone notetaking solution within Smartsuite could be your crowning achievement.

Unlike the predefined solutions, you might need to don your architect hat and build from the ground up. The key lies in creating a flexible yet powerful personal journal system that links notes to broader topics, ensuring that every scribble contributes to your ever-expanding wisdom repository.

Be ruthless in this setup—scrap superfluous fields and commands that don't serve your cause. Choose to auto-generate note titles for efficiency, or relish in the control that custom fields afford, tailoring your templated prompts and reflection spaces precisely.

Within this fortress of knowledge, convene your thoughts under different subjects or projects. Kiss goodbye to disjointed note collections and say hello to interconnected intelligence.

Wrapping Up Your Notetaking Odyssey

The real beauty of Smartsuite's approach to documents lies in its seamlessness—comments, smart documents, and a full-fledged notetaking system exist alongside your other data. They're not siloed in a far-off digital library but integrated into your daily tasks and reports, empowering you to take immediate action.

If this primer on the expansive world of Smartsuite document management spiked your interest, I believe we're just scratching the surface. More deep dives and specialized tutorials could be on the horizon, so if you're keen on a particular aspect, drop a comment below.