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Gantt Charts Come to SmartSuite

Gantt Charts Come to SmartSuite

10 minutes

January 18, 2024

SmartSuite's Gantt Chart Release

Exciting news in the project management world! SmartSuite has made headlines with their latest awesome release, now featuring a Gantt chart view and a dependency field type. For organizations on the constant lookout for a better way to keep their projects on track within SmartSuite, this new functionality is nothing short of a game-changer.

Before we dive deeper, let me give you a heads-up: we've created a free project management template that's yours for the taking. Designed specifically to help you closely monitor project profitability and manage expenses, this template is a treasure trove for any team looking to boost their project management efficiency. Interested? Zip on over to our website and make that template your own!

SmartSuite's Dependency Field Type

So, let's get to the nitty-gritty of SmartSuite's newest addition: the dependency field type. As you’re sprucing up your database with new fields, a simple search for "dependency" reveals this gem, ready to be added—although keep in mind, to avoid a data muddle, you're allotted just one dependency field per table.

Once installed, the dependency field comes to life before your eyes, neatly mapping out the "predecessors" and "successors" of each task. It's a crystal-clear display of the tasks your current item hinges on, alongside those that are lined up at the dominoes' start and end points.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we? When you open up a record, these dependencies are even color-coded for added clarity—actively processed tasks are highlighted, while those that are blocked will stand out in bold red, signaling a holdup in your workflow. And it gets better—the detailed view allows a deep dive into each task to pinpoint exactly what’s keeping it from crossing the finish line.

Using Predecessors / Successors

For those with a precise visualization taste, SmartSuite goes the extra mile. With the simple click of a plus button, you can untangle the predecessor-successor view and lay out each separately. Whether you're a fan of grid views or prefer the dynamic flow of a Kanban board, you’re covered either way.

But wait, the dependency field isn’t flying solo—it's inextricably linked to the almighty due date, the core around which everything orbits. This critical date could either be a standalone or span a start and end date. Most users will find comfort in sticking with the standard mode’s intuitive behaviors, but for advanced project maestros in construction or manufacturing, delve into the advanced mode, where staggered starts, synchronized finishes or deliberate task lags are part of the daily lingo.

Gantt Chart Customizations

Looking to auto-tune project schedules? SmartSuite’s got your back. Imagine this—you drag an item on the Gantt chart, and voilà, every related task slides in synchrony, preserving the meticulous timing you've established. Conversely, if you're a captain steering your ship with a firm hand, disabling auto-scheduling lets you maneuver individual tasks as solitary islands, undisturbed by the ebb and flow of their neighbors.

Without further ado, let’s turn the spotlight on the new Gantt view. At first glance, it might come off as quirky—but that's simply a cue to tailor it with groups and filters until it fits like a glove. You can mold it to display an overarching view of multiple projects or drill down to scrutinize a singular endeavor.

The grid components and timeline dance in tandem, showing tasks in an accessible dual format. And if you're the type who prefers one over the other, you can toggle the view to concentrate on either the comprehensive grid or the sweeping Gantt chart.

Editing on the go? The grid view doesn't chain you to an expanded record; instead, it welcomes in-line tweaks, perfect for on-the-fly adjustments. And Gantt chart aficionados can feast their eyes on clean, crisp dependency arrows, mapping out the course each task takes—or they can toggle them off for a minimalist display.

For visual flair, SmartSuite doesn’t disappoint. With task labels and visually engaging milestones, represented by a diamond icon for zero-duration tasks, the chart turns into a rich tapestry of deadlines and deliverables.

Moreover, sharing your Gantt chart with clients is a breeze, just a link away, complete with adjustable access and the peace of mind a passcode brings. They’ll see what you want them to, including tasks laid bare at a click.

Still craving more? Anticipate up-and-coming features like business day-only scheduling and company holiday integration to further personalize your experience.

To wrap things up, SmartSuite’s new Gantt charts and dependencies are like a Swiss Army knife for project managers: multifaceted, robust, and adaptable to any situation. If your SmartSuite setup has you scratching your head or you're eager to snatch up that free template, give us a shout at We’re on standby with a complimentary 30-minute consult to fuel your project management rocket to success.