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Unleashing Innovation with Non-Traditional Field Types in SmartSuite

Unleashing Innovation with Non-Traditional Field Types in SmartSuite

5 Minutes

December 21, 2022

Unleashing Innovation with Non-Traditional Field Types in SmartSuite

If you're on a quest to streamline your operations with the most innovative no-code tools out there, consider your search victorious – because SmartSuite has rolled out a range of non-traditional field types that push the boundaries of what we'd come to expect from a work management platform. Here, we're diving deep into the unique capabilities that SmartSuite fields offer, and if you're new around here, you've struck gold.

Innovative Address Field in SmartSuite

Let's unveil the first gem in the treasure trove – the Address Field. With the integration of Google's powerful API, just input an address and watch magic happen. Single-line format or multi-line breakdown? It's your call. Plus, the map display feature lets you navigate Google Maps right within SmartSuite. For a visual guide, think of zooming all the way into an image of Denver's Ball Arena or popping over to check the stacks at Denver Public Library.

Explore Novel Compound Fields

What about squeezing multiple nuggets of information into one field? Enter compound fields. These fields let you combine various elements like first name, last name, and even titles into a single data point. Imagine the power of structured data at your fingertips – that's compound fields for you.

Dynamic Checklists within a Field

If your workflow requires detailed tracking, the Checklist Field is your hero. Assign tasks, due dates, and seamlessly organize project elements that align directly with the individual's "My Work" section. Smartsuite’s Checklist Field lets your team stay on top of their game, ensuring no detail gets missed.

Sub Items: The Game-Changing Compound Fields

Picture this: sub-items creating layers of organization within a single field in SmartSuite. It's like an efficient little universe where you control the elements – names, descriptions, dates, all tailored as per your project's roadmap. Save it, and boom, tracking creation and updates has never been smoother.

Unlock SmartSuite's Full Potential

With the breakneck pace covered here, it’s clear there’s so much to SmartSuite's fields than meets the eye. They embody the essence of doing more with less and invite you to experiment, optimize, and level up your operational efficiency.

Start your journey into the world of efficient project management with SmartSuite today. Sign up for a free trial and get ready to transform the way you handle your work!