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How Marketing Team Utilize Dashboard to Streamline Campaigns

How Marketing Team Utilize Dashboard to Streamline Campaigns

5 minutes

February 27, 2023

In this SmartSuite Showcase episode, we explore how marketing teams are using dashboards to streamline their production, planning, and measurement of marketing campaigns. Discover how these teams use embedded grid views, reporting toolbars, and charts to gain an overall view of their campaigns, track the status of their leads and opportunities, and analyze the ROI of their campaigns.

This Video’s Chapters:

0:00 -Showcase Intro
1:10- Solution Overview
Production Dashboard
1:56- Embedded Grid Views
3:00 - Measurement & Analytics Dashboard
4:07- Adding Dashboards to Starred Items
4:37- Showcase Outro

Video Details: 

Solution Overview

  • Marketing teams using dashboards
  • Collecting information about campaigns
  • Tasks related to campaigns
  • Objectives for campaigns
  • Leads and opportunities

Production Dashboard

  • Review of marketing campaign activities
  • Widgets for important dates and meeting links
  • Donut chart tracking campaign status and lead value
  • Link to Figma for content production
  • Embedded grid views for campaigns and tasks

Embedded Grid Views

  • Work directly inside the grid views
  • See tasks and campaigns side by side
  • Visualize the flow of automations
  • Add new campaign records
  • Edit campaign information and add tasks

Measurement & Analytics Dashboard

  • Comparison metrics for leads generated from campaigns
  • Total active campaigns and influenced pipeline value
  • ROI chart by campaign
  • Pipeline chart showing revenue from leads

Adding Dashboards to Starred Items

  • Adding dashboards to start items for easy access
  • Pinning dashboards for quick reference

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