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Office Hours with David Meltzer

Office Hours with David Meltzer

8 minutes

July 9, 2023

Embark on a captivating journey through a riveting episode of "Office Hours with David Meltzer," where industry leaders and visionaries share their insights and expertise. In this enlightening conversation, four remarkable individuals provide a glimpse into their professional worlds:

Jon Darbyshire

Tune in as Jon Darbyshire takes the spotlight at the beginning of the episode. As the CEO and Co-Founder of SmartSuite, Jon unveils how the platform transforms organizational dynamics. SmartSuite empowers teams to seamlessly coordinate work and information across all levels of an organization, enhancing productivity and enabling the pursuit of meaningful goals.

Frank Fawzi

Next on the roster is Frank Fawzi, the driving force behind IntelePeer. With a track record of awards and recognition, Frank's leadership has propelled IntelePeer's innovation in the North American Programmable Communications Market. The podcast delves into Frank's achievements, accolades, and his commitment to entrepreneurship.

Roy Smith

Roy Smith steps into the conversation, bringing a unique perspective on executive protection. As the CEO of Viking Executive Protection Solutions and the Owner and President of Viking Tactical Security Group, Roy challenges industry norms with his disruptive approach to executive protection. The podcast highlights his commitment to diversity, equality, and redefining a traditionally stagnant industry.

Miles Nadal

The episode concludes with Miles Nadal, co-founder of Peerage Capital Group. With over 40 years of experience, Miles and his team have built a legacy in the business services arena. The podcast sheds light on Peerage's various platforms, including Peerage Realty Partners, Peerage Wealth Management, and Vaultra Self Storage. Miles' visionary approach and vast assets under management showcase his influential role in the industry.

Dive into this captivating podcast episode to gain insights from these remarkable individuals and their diverse expertise. Whether you're interested in transformative work management, innovative entrepreneurship, cutting-edge security, or visionary business services, this episode offers a tapestry of knowledge and inspiration.

Listen to the podcast episode here.