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How to Manage Projects & Assign Tasks Based on Team Capacity

How to Manage Projects & Assign Tasks Based on Team Capacity

May 10, 2023

This Showcase shares how to use SmartSuite for Project Management and also be able to assign tasks to your team based on their utilization and workload.

This Video's Chapters: 

- Introduction to Smart Suite as a Project Management Tool
- Task Management and Assignment
- Time Tracking and Task Completion
- Sprint Management
- Weekly Capacities and Utilization Rates

Video Details:

Introduction to SmartSuite as a Project Management Tool

• Overview of using Smart Suite for project management and team workload tracking

• Target audience: Intermediate users familiar with the no-code space

• Flexibility of Smart Suite's relational database for customization

Understanding the Data Schema

• Exploring the data schema widget for context on the solution design

• Components: Projects, tasks, sprints, and weekly capacities

• Project attributes: Status, product manager, priority, type, due date, and budget fields

Task Management and Assignment

• Creating a new project and assigning attributes (title, priority, due date, type)

• Automatic task creation based on project type

• Task assignment based on team workload and utilization

• Using the task assignment dashboard for team utilization and task allocation

Time Tracking and Task Completion

• Tracking time spent on tasks using the time tracking log

• Monitoring task workload and completion status

• Filtering tasks based on current user assignment

• Starting and stopping timers for accurate time tracking

Sprint Management

• Understanding sprints as fixed intervals of work

• Automation linking tasks to relevant sprints based on due dates

• Viewing completed and open tasks within a sprint

• Accessing task details and associated project information

Weekly Capacities and Utilization Rates

• Creation of weekly records for team members in the capacities app

• Calculation of utilization rate based on allocated time and time worked

• Spotlight feature highlighting over-allocated time (utilization rate > 100%)

• Adding notes and utilizing smart dog field for additional information

Team Overview and Budget Tracking

• Displaying team members, hourly rates, project budgets, and spent amounts

• Tracking tasks worked on and total time tracked

• Monitoring remaining budget for each project

Project Dashboard and Overview

• Comprehensive overview of utilization, budget, completed projects, and tasks

• Sorting upcoming tasks by due date

• Displaying active projects and their details