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Sharing SmartSuite Solutions: A Guide to Collaborating Beyond Your Team Borders

Sharing SmartSuite Solutions: A Guide to Collaborating Beyond Your Team Borders

10 minutes

January 23, 2024

In our world of innovative solutions, we often find ourselves devising brilliant ways to tackle industry problems. But what happens when you want to pull back the curtain and share your masterpieces outside your immediate circle? Whether it's unveiling a savvy job board or handling a project for a client, the power of sharing cannot be overstated.

Why Share Your SmartSuite Solutions?

Sharing solutions offer a treasure chest of possibilities. For those in the SmartSuite community crafting cutting-edge solutions, the urge to broadcast your success and innovation to a broader audience is strong. Perhaps you're sculpting a public resource or paving the way for collaboration with external partners and clients. Whatever the motive, sharing holds the key to expanding your solution's reach and impact.

Getting Started with Sharing

When you're ready to share, the SmartSuite workspace is your starting point. Imagine you've developed a solution – for our purposes, let's say it's a collection of brand assets neatly compiled using a pre-defined template. Your first instinct might be to click the "Share Solution" button only to find it's disabled – and for good reason. The decision to share should be deliberate, safeguarding the privacy and integrity of your work.

The Nitty-Gritty of Sharing Solutions

Toggle on the share option, and you'll be met with a set of choices fit for a custodian of digital content. You can tap into:

  • Unique Shareable Links: Generate a URL specific to your solution.
  • Copy & Regenerate Controls: Duplicate your link for additional sharing or regenerate to keep things under wraps if mistakes are made.
  • Embed Codes: Seamlessly integrate your solution on websites for public viewing.
  • Preview Mode: Sneak a peek at how your solution appears to external observers, noting the limits imposed on editing and interaction.

These options cater to a variety of scenarios, whether it's merely displaying data or allowing complete replication and customization by others. Notably, you can enable a vital feature for solution enthusiasts – the ability to copy your solution to their workspace, tweak it, and claim ownership.

Restricting Access with Passcodes

You’ve crafted your solution with care, and sometimes that calls for limited entry. Entering the realm of passcodes brings exclusivity to the table. With a six-digit code, you erect a digital gatekeeper, ideal for situations where your solution equates to valuable intellectual property.

Spot the Signal

Once shared, a quaint yet clear icon – reminiscent of the good old RSS days – is displayed alongside your solution. This beacon ensures that you're constantly aware of the shared status of your project, preventing any unwanted mix-ups.

The Special Case of Collaborating with Clients

Sometimes, your ultimate aim is to hand over the reins of a solution to a client after diligent work within your realm. The "Duplicate Solution" option is your ally here. This feature grants you the privilege to transplant your solution to another workspace, with or without the test data and comments included. The resulting copy in the client's workspace stands as a new, independent entity primed for their use.

Embrace the Ease of Collaboration with SmartSuite

For innovation enthusiasts and solution architects alike, the act of sharing is more than a feature – it's a portal to endless collaboration and growth. With SmartSuite, the once-daunting task of extending your creative horizons becomes a journey of opportunities, eagerly awaiting your bold strides.

So go ahead, share away! And watch as your solutions break free, reaching new heights and possibilities.

Remember, sharing is not just about spreading your work; it's about sparking collaboration, igniting ideas, and fostering a community where solutions not only solve problems but inspire new ones. Ready, set, share!

Pro Tip: When preparing your solution for the limelight, consider its longevity and adaptability. By sharing robust and flexible solutions, you ensure that they remain valuable and relevant regardless of the changes that time may bring.

Keep an eye out for more posts where we'll dive into the specifics of optimizing your sharable solutions for maximum impact.

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