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Use SmartSuite Sub-Items for a Better User Experience

Use SmartSuite Sub-Items for a Better User Experience

10 minutes

February 22, 2023

Sub item fields in SmartSuite. It's like inception for apps—a slick feature that's all about getting cozy with efficiency and clever data nesting. Sounds intriguing? Stick around as we walk through this game-changer that's perfect for upping your CRM game.

What's the Big Deal with Sub Item Fields?

Ever come across a feature so neat that it deserves a special shout-out? That’s what we’ve got with SmartSuite’s sub item fields. Now, how would I describe it? Let's borrow from Jon, the CEO, because, frankly, his quirky analogy nails it:

"Think of the sub items field as embedding an table within a table."

That's right, it's like a mini table embraced by a larger one. The moment I read this gem, I couldn't help but chuckle—it's an adorable way of saying that we're dealing with a 'baby record' comfortably snuggled into a 'mama record'. Kudos for the creativity, John!

Diving into Sales CRM Lite and Sub Items

Ready to get hands-on? If you're not already part of the Smartsuite family, there's a neat affiliate link below—go ahead and use it to play around with the Sales CRM Lite demo. What we’re tackling today is a pain point for many a sales rep, one you're probably familiar with: the drowning-in-fields syndrome. It’s a common groan—too much data entry, not enough schmoozing.

Now, let's say you’re all about personal connections—remembering birthdays, interests, and yeah, even keeping tabs on family member details for those warm anniversary wishes. Traditional CRM systems would have you create separate contact records for everyone. But let's be real. If the aim isn't to sell to someone's aunt Bertha, then why have her clogging up your contacts?

The usual alternative? A new app or table to catalog family members—sounds straightforward but adds unnecessary bulk. We're simply after a hassle-free way to glance at those tidbits right when we need them.

Crafting a Sub Item Field Called "Family"

It's time to roll up our sleeves and craft our own sub item field—we'll name it "Family". Initially, Smartsuite proposes a set of fields, but here's where we get selective. The goal isn't to report on these details or trigger complex automations; we're just aiming for fingertip-ready info.

Here’s the rundown:

  • Name: We’re keeping it.
  • Description: Hidden for now—who needs the clutter?
  • First created and Last updated: Gone. Let’s keep it simple.

What's essential is the relationship, so let's just say 'relationship'. No rigid drop-downs. People and families are unique, so a free-form text box gets the job done. And for birthdays? We’ll relabel an existing date field for that slice of celebratory info.

And remember, SmartSuite offers a buffet of field choices if you want to personalize even further.

Bringing Life to Lisa’s Record

Alright, time for a little storytelling. We’re peeking into a sales demo record—let’s call her Lisa. Adding family members is as simple as clicking "add" and filling out the details. Paul Morgan—husband, check. Birthday—October 15, 1986, got it. Caleb Morgan—son, sports enthusiast in the making, born on September 12, 2017.

This isn’t just data entry; it’s equipping you for genuine connections:

"Hey Lisa, how's your son Caleb doing? He's at the sports-getting-serious age, right? What's he into these days?"

Suddenly, you're not just another salesperson; you're part of the inner circle.

Glance and Go with Grid Views

Let’s shift our view to the grid. SmartSuite plays it smart here, summarizing how many family members we’ve noted without expanding Lisa’s record into a scrolling marathon. Need to look closer? Just one click and we’re there, fostering that human touch without getting lost in a sea of fields.

Embracing sub items is about streamlining—reducing friction to focus on what matters most in customer relationships—the personal touch! It's efficient, it's thoughtful, and honestly, it just makes life a bit easier.

Remember, at the end of the day, it’s the user experience that takes your CRM work from mundane to magnificent. Keep that personal touch alive with SmartSuite’s sub items, and watch your connections grow stronger and your CRM lighter.'

To experience SmartSuite's key benefits for yourself, start a free trial today and explore its intuitive work management platform.