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Streamline Your Data with Sections in SmartSuite

Streamline Your Data with Sections in SmartSuite

7 Minutes

April 5, 2023

Feeling swamped with information overload in your SmartSuite solutions? You're not alone. As your database grows, the challenge of managing a deluge of data on a single screen becomes quite the juggle. But there's good news! SmartSuite houses a crafty feature designed to bring order to chaos — introducing Sections inside the record detail page, a neat way to fine-tune your expanded records view.

Navigating the Invoice Application

In my side hustle solution, I navigate to the invoices application, brimming with records waiting to be organized. Ever felt like your expanded record view was more like a game of data hide-and-seek with information scattered all over? That's soon to be history.

Creating sections in SmartSuite is a privilege reserved for workspace admins or solution creators. So, don your admin hat, and let's add sections. Spot the three dots next to a field? That’s your ticket to tidiness.

Crafting Your Sections

The secret to a seamlessly organized record is grouping related data. Consider what information clusters make sense, like contact details or invoice specifics. With the ability to add, rename, reorder, and collapse sections, your data is about to become your new best friend.

Step-By-Step: Section Magic

  • First, round up contact-related info under a "Contact Information" section.
  • Next, invoice details like the file, amount, and ID find sanctuary in the "Invoice Details" section.
  • And don’t overlook dates — "Date Paid" and "Date Created" deserve their own spotlight in a "Dates" section.

Drag, drop, and categorize — it's as simple as that. Some details like the invoice status may fit better with the invoice details, so make adjustments that resonate with your workflow.

The Grand Reveal: A Tailored Record View

Now that the cluttered mess is a thing of the past, let's talk visibility. What if defaulting certain sections to a collapsed state could streamline your data view even further? It absolutely can. For instance, minimize the "Dates" section by default unless the specifics call for attention.

A clutter-free interface awaits every time you expand a record. Need a peek at the contact info? Just a click and it unfolds. The power to choose what you see and when you see it is now in your hands.

Consistency Across Views

You might wonder, does this trickledown effect ripple through various views? Absolutely! The structure you craft for the expanded record view is consistent across all the views within that application.

The marvel of SmartSuite's Sections is that once you set the stage, it performs consistently, saving you time and effort across the board. Remember, the tweaks you make in one view are shared across them all, letting you focus on what matters most — your data.

Ready to conquer clutter and streamline your workflow? Start your free trial of SmartSuite and discover a world where data behaves beautifully.