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Switching from ClickUp to SmartSuite (+ 6 Common Mistakes)

Switching from ClickUp to SmartSuite (+ 6 Common Mistakes)

10 minutes

May 26, 2023

Switching project management tools can sometimes feel like navigating through a minefield. You want all the powerful features of a new system, like SmartSuite, without losing your mind or disrupting your team's workflow. As someone who's both well-versed in ClickUp and SmartSuite, I've been asked by numerous users about the art of switching between these platforms seamlessly. In this blog post, I'll uncover the steps you need to take, translations to make sense of different features, and common pitfalls to avoid in your migration journey.

Understanding the Hierarchies

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of migrating data, it's crucial to wrap our heads around the hierarchies of ClickUp and SmartSuite. This will help us better understand the tools' similarities and differences.

In ClickUp, you have:

  • Workspaces
  • Spaces (with spacewide permissions)
  • Folders (for clustering lists together)
  • Lists (where you actually create tasks)

On the other side, SmartSuite’s structure comprises:

  • Workspaces
  • Solutions (where data lives)
  • Apps (housing different databases of information)
  • Records (represent tasks, projects, and more)

Understanding these hierarchies lays a foundation for a smoother transition, especially when you're contemplating where a ClickUp folder would logically fit within SmartSuite's framework.

The Art of Translation

Translating features from one platform to another is a bit like learning a new language. Here are some general rules of thumb when converting:

  • ClickUp workspace = SmartSuite workspace
  • ClickUp spaces = SmartSuite solutions
  • ClickUp folders = SmartSuite apps or solutions, depending on the use case
  • ClickUp lists = SmartSuite apps, but can often be consolidated due to SmartSuite's flexibility
  • ClickUp tasks = SmartSuite records

These translations are starters to help you think in SmartSuite terms. For a more detailed guide, keep an eye on our blog for a comprehensive translation list.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Now, let's address the elephant in the room – the mistakes everyone (and I mean, everyone) is likely to make during the migration:

  1. Over-relying on Dashboards: Dashboards are vital in ClickUp but can be less so in SmartSuite because of its powerful formulas and summarization features.
  2. Exporting Habit: Break away from the habit of frequent exporting for reports in ClickUp. SmartSuite's export functionalities are superior, especially when it comes to designing documents from your data.
  3. HR Directories Misconception: Unlike ClickUp, SmartSuite has a robust member directory that typically makes an HR directory redundant.
  4. Automation Overuse: ClickUp’s automation is a necessity, but SmartSuite often includes automation within field settings themselves, negating the need for separate automation actions.
  5. Misunderstanding Linked Records: In SmartSuite, linked records offer more flexibility than ClickUp's relationships. They can be grouped, sorted, or filtered, eliminating the need for additional custom fields.
  6. Ignoring ClickUp's Clip Feature: While ClickUp has a neat clip feature for quick audio or video files, SmartSuite lacks this natively. However, you can integrate third-party tools to fill this gap.

The Support System

Finding help during migration is often overlooked. ClickUp has a strong community presence in Facebook groups, but SmartSuite's community is housed on its dedicated platform. For a richer support experience, dive into SmartSuite's user community rather than hunting on social media.

In Summary

At the end of the day, remember that it's about the process as much as the platform. If migration feels rocky, it might be a cue to refine your workflows. To continue this discussion, join us on the SmartSuite user forums, and don't forget, SmartSuite has backed this exploration, so make sure to use our affiliate link below.

For those who want to deep dive into mastering SmartSuite, check out our "How to SmartSuite" mini-course. It's designed to get you up to speed with SmartSuite’s features in a single day – perfect for individuals or teams.

Remember, the transition from ClickUp to SmartSuite doesn’t have to be daunting. With careful planning and understanding of both systems, you can make the move without skipping a beat in your business's rhythm. And if you’re ever in doubt, drop us a comment – we're here to help make your migration as smooth as possible.

To experience SmartSuite's key benefits for yourself, start a free trial today and explore its intuitive work management platform.