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Two Ways to Create Fast Job Estimates for Your Customers

Two Ways to Create Fast Job Estimates for Your Customers

10 minutes

November 7, 2022

This Showcase shows 2 processes customers are using to create job estimates. Get estimates back to customers faster than ever while keeping everything organized.

This Video's Chapters: 

0:38 - Introduction to the first job estimator app
- Customer requests and project detail form
- Reviewing and tracking customer requests
- Estimating the duration and cost for each service
- Calculation of costs based on service types and materials
- Including or excluding estimates based on budget constraints
- Sharing a read-only link of the estimate with the customer
- Marking the estimate as complete and sending it to the customer via automation.
- Customers and their information
- Linking services and quotes to customers
- Creating a new customer record
- Setting prices and analyzing profit and gross margin
- Automatically creating quotes based on selected services and linking to customer
- Sharing the quote information with the customer

Video Details: 

Introduction and Overview

• Highlighting two different ways customers are using Smart Suite to create job estimates quickly and effectively

Job Estimator - First App

• Requests: Customers can submit project requests through a form, which creates a record in Smart Suite.

• Reviewing Requests: The team can review project requirements, view contact information, and track request status.

• Selecting Services: Relevant services and material costs can be selected for the project.

•Estimating Duration and Cost: Estimated durations are added for each service, and costs are automatically calculated based on service rates.

•Adjusting Estimates: The estimated cost can be adjusted based on a maximum budget, and the estimate details are shown.

• Sharing the Estimate: A read-only share view link is generated to share the estimate with the customer.

•Completing the Estimate: When ready, the estimate can be marked as complete, triggering an automation to send the estimate information and share view link to the customer via email.

Job Estimator - Second App

• Customers: Customer information is stored, including notes and next steps.

•Linking Services: Relevant services are linked to each customer, and advanced filtering options are available for large service lists.

•Setting Prices: Prices can be set for services, and formulas calculate profit and gross margin based on costs.

•Creating Quotes: Records are automatically created for each service, linked to the customer, and display price, status, profit, and gross margin.

•Sharing Quote Information: A share view link can be generated to provide the quote information to the customer.

•Managing Quotes: Quotes can be finalized, and filters can be applied to view relevant records.