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Empowering Innovation: landman® Elevates Real Estate Operations with Smartsuite Integration

Empowering Innovation: landman® Elevates Real Estate Operations with Smartsuite Integration

7 minutes

January 1, 2024

We have integrated SmartSuite's collaborative work management platform into our team's workflow, allowing us to efficiently plan, track, and manage projects. Taking our product to the next level, we recognized the need to incorporate a sales CRM." - Matthias Van den Avont, Founder and CEO, landman®

landman® is an innovative online real estate platform based in Belgium that differentiates itself by sourcing both built and unbuilt parcels that are not yet available on the market. Our platform enables developers, expansion managers, investors, and construction companies to effortlessly discover and analyze real estate opportunities with untapped potential. We collect data from various sources, including 300 Flemish cities and municipalities, and provide detailed urban development regulations to professionals in real estate, architecture, and urban planning industries. Through landman®, customers receive real-time notifications based on their preferences, allowing them to identify property owners and initiate successful real estate deals.

To ensure effective communication of past and future sales transactions and to keep the team informed of the current state of affairs, we created a sales CRM that prioritizes feedback.

"Our objective was to consolidate sales opportunities in one central location and streamline our sales process to increase our success rate in closing deals. SmartSuite's sales CRM allows us to identify prospects, assign sales representatives, estimate close dates, access account and contact data, and proactively track our sales pipeline through forecast reports. This ensures that we always have a clear overview of our sales activities." - Matthias Van den Avont

To stand out from our competitors, landman® adopted a sales CRM solution and, upon discovering SmartSuite, designed a sales management workflow that continuously provides feedback and support to our team.

"SmartSuite has proven to be a cost-effective web application that simplifies the creation and management of workflows. It serves as a powerful all-in-one tool for project management, sales and marketing operations, customer success management, and overall productivity. With its user-friendly interface, integration options, and mobile application, our team finds it highly beneficial. Although we are in the early stages of implementation, we are encouraged by the positive response and optimistic about the future." - Matthias Van den Avont

By leveraging the capabilities of SmartSuite, landman® has successfully developed a sales CRM that effectively communicates, engages, and updates our creative team throughout their journey.