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Managing Your Network on SmartSuite- Build Relationships & Touch Contacts

Managing Your Network on SmartSuite- Build Relationships & Touch Contacts

10 minutes

December 27, 2022

This showcase explains how to effectively manage your network in SmartSuite.

This Video's Chapters:

0:00- Intro to Showcase

0:34- Where to Find Showcase Templates?

0:46- Network Manager Overview

3:30- Searching & Reporting through Network Components

4:47- Formula to Stay on Top of Contacts

5:10- Overdue for Catchup View

5:40- Why is SmartSuite Great for Network Managing?

6:11-Showcase Outro

Video Details: 

Introduction and Overview

  • Using Smart Suite to manage incoming project requests
  • Setting up new Smart Suite projects and processes

Finding Showcase Templates

  • Accessing showcase templates in the workspace homepage
  • Downloading templates for specific showcases

Buildout Goals & Overview

  • Understanding the goals of the project buildout
  • Valid business reasons for applying Smart Suite
  • Checking company policies
  • Managing access levels
  • Testing the solution before release

Internal Request Form

  • Using the internal custom requests app
  • Sharing the request form with team members
  • Submitting a new project request
  • Including attachments with the request

Requesting More Information Email Automation

  • Adding information to the request using the smart doc field
  • Requesting further information from the submitter
  • Changing the status to "Needs Further Information"
  • Automation to send an email back to the submitter

Automation to Create Project & Tasks

  • Approving the project request
  • Changing the status to "Approve"
  • Automation to create the project
  • Viewing the created project record
  • Tasks created for implementing the project


  • Controlling permission levels at the solution, app, and field levels
  • Setting access restrictions for different team members

Testing and Production Readiness

  • Testing the automations and permissions
  • Changing the status to "Production Ready"
  • Notifying the team about the readiness of the solution
  • Using the solution guide to document project usage


  • Different sets of tasks for different project types
  • Importance of structure and compliance
  • Organizing new project requests in Smart Suite