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How Marketing Agencies/Teams Use SmartSuite for Client Approval (Guest Feature)

How Marketing Agencies/Teams Use SmartSuite for Client Approval (Guest Feature)

10 minutes

January 2, 2023

This Showcase shows how marketing agencies are using SmartSuite Permissions and Guest Access to give Clients and other Internal Reviews access to SmartSuite.

This Video's Chapters: 

0:00 - Showcase Intro

0:27 - Downloading from Solution Library

0:41 - Client Access Overview

2:10 - Guest Access View + Features

4:13 - Why SmartSuite?

4:26 - Showcase Outro

Video Details: 


  • Marketing showcase series using SmartSuite for client approval
  • Downloadable solution template from the Showcase section of the Solution Library

Client Access Overview

  • Inviting clients or internal members to the workspace
  • Controlling permissions and access to solutions
  • Removing access to specific apps like clients and contacts
  • Using the "Assign To" field to assign records to the client for review

Guest Access View + Features

  • Client's view of the workspace after accepting guest access
  • Access limited to assigned solutions
  • Viewing records and plans in a read-only state
  • Making comments and communicating with the marketing team
  • Exporting records for information
  • Notifications for new assignments and updates
  • Accessing the "My Work" section to see assigned records
  • Viewing activity history and following records for updates
  • Favoriting views and solutions for quick access
  • Power search functionality for easy navigation and searching

Why SmartSuite?

  • SmartSuite's permissions and guest access provide a great solution for clients and internal reviewers
  • Clients can review marketing plans, tasks, projects, and work requests without occupying additional seats in the workspace

Showcase Outro

  • Summary of permissions, guest access, and client approval process using SmartSuite
  • Teaser for upcoming showcase videos on different use cases of SmartSuite in marketing