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How to Schedule Tasks for Recurring Projects to Help Manage Team Workload

How to Schedule Tasks for Recurring Projects to Help Manage Team Workload

10 minutes

November 14, 2022

This Showcase shows how marketing agencies are using SmartSuite to create recurring projects with templated tasks based on type, and from there, using views and time-related fields to effectively allocate and track their team's time.

This Video's Chapters: 

0:00 Showcase Intro
1:36 Recurring Projects
3:13 Templated Tasks Example
4:40 Scheduling Time for Team Members
6:36 Time Tracking
6:59 Showcase Outro

Video Details: 

Introduction and Overview

• Introduction to recurring projects, templated tasks, and scheduling time for tasks

• Applicability of the process to any business in any industry

Agency Marketing Showcase Solution

• Exploring the agency marketing showcase solution on the Smart Suite home page

•Overview of projects, tasks, work requests, clients, and contacts

Recurring Projects

•Explanation of recurring projects happening on a monthly or weekly basis

•Trigger for recurring projects based on a formula field

•Creation of new projects using automation and data from previous projects

Templated Tasks Example

•Creating tasks based on project types (e.g., social media or retainer projects)

•Displaying templated tasks linked to specific project types

Scheduling Time for Team Members

•Allocating work and managing team workload effectively

•Grouping tasks by team members and utilizing formula fields to calculate time

•Summing up allocated time using column footers to track total time assigned

Time Tracking

•Tracking work progress and time spent on tasks

•Using the time tracking log to record work submissions and calculate total time

•Charging clients based on time spent and task type