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How to Share a Dashboard View in SmartSuite

How to Share a Dashboard View in SmartSuite

November 24, 2023

Welcome back to another Smart Tips episode. Today, we're diving into a handy workaround for sharing dashboard views within Smartsuite with your external collaborators. Even though the feature isn't available directly just yet, I'm going to show you a strategy that I use frequently—let's explore how to make it happen.

The Workaround Solution for Dashboard Sharing in Smartsuite

You're probably accustomed to sharing grid views and card views in Smartsuite. They're straightforward and instrumental in any project's success. However, dashboards—which provide a high-level view of project metrics and progress—are somewhat trickier to share with people outside your team. Worry not, there's a neat little hack for that, and it's been a game-changer for me.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Shareable Dashboard View

1. Create a New Solution: Begin by creating a fresh solution inside the workspace where your data already resides, which will serve as the vessel for your dashboards.2. Setup a Dashboard View: Instead of populating it with data, directly jump to setting up a dashboard view.3. Adding Widgets: Now comes the fun part—widgets. These powerful tools allow you to add dynamic data presentations to your dashboard. You can pull data from any table or app across your workspace to display comparison metrics, track progress with charts, columns, and much more.4. Configuring Widgets: Customize each widget to source data from different tables or solutions, depending on what you need on the dashboard.5. Deleting Grid Views: Once you have your dashboard views in place, you can go ahead and remove any grid views since they aren't needed in this setup.6. Share the Solution: Now that you have an isolated solution with just the dashboards, you can share this with external users, akin to how you'd share a grid view. Settings allow you to restrict access with a passcode and prevent others from copying the solution, controlling the level of interaction users can have with your dashboard.

Blockquote: Need to share multiple dashboards at once? No problem! Group them in this solution, and share the link. All your collaborator needs to do is click through to see the data in action.

The Power of Sharing in Smartsuite

With this workaround, your collaborators receive an interactive slice of your project without getting overwhelmed with the back-end data. Whether you're looking to impress stakeholders with slick progress metrics or keep clients in the loop with real-time updates, this method delivers. Just remember, while this is a temporary measure, it's a testament to the flexibility Smartsuite offers until direct dashboard sharing becomes a built-in feature.

Wrapping Up

SmartSuite is stuffed with creative solutions like these—to make your project management smoother while keeping everyone in the loop. I hope this guide has shown you a new side of what’s achievable with our tools, and you're now equipped to share your dashboards like never before.

Don't forget to join us for more Smart Tips, and drop a comment below on what you'd like us to cover next. Sharing knowledge is what makes our community so robust—thank you for being a part of it!

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